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  18.09.2020 Rights and Issues Investment T... Rights and Issues Investment Trust PLC: Net Asset Value(s)
  18.09.2020 Hardman & Co Research Hardman & Co Research: Shield Therapeutics (STX): Optimism over US deal
  18.09.2020 Amundi Physical Metals plc Amundi Physical Metals plc: Final Terms
  18.09.2020 Dynamics Group AG (CH) Christian Wolf joins Dynamics Group to further strengthen the capital markets te...
  18.09.2020 M&G Credit Income Investment T... Net Asset Value(s)
  18.09.2020 De Raj Group AG (AT) De Raj Group AG: De Raj Group AG announces changes in the Management and Supervi...
  18.09.2020 Arix Bioscience PLC Arix Bioscience PLC: Autolus presents additional AUTO3 data in DLBCL
  18.09.2020 R.E.A. Holdings plc R.E.A. Holdings plc: Half yearly results
  18.09.2020 Hibernia REIT plc Transactions in own shares
  18.09.2020 AEVIS VICTORIA SA AEVIS VICTORIA SA: Half-year results 2020 - Good overall resilience to COVID-19 ...
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