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Press release News vom 21.06.2017

Aramex Wins “Best Environmental Sustainability Award” at The 14th MENA Social Impact and CSR Forum
Aramex has recently been recognized with the “Best Environmental Sustainability Award” at The 14th MENA Social Impact and CSR Forum. Organized by Informa Middle East, the Annual Ta’atheer Awards recognize outstanding achievements made by organizations and teams that have contributed to the development of the region’s CSR and sustainability agenda.

The “Best Environmental Sustainability Award” acknowledges initiatives that focus on protecting and preserving the environment. These initiatives can address pressing issues such as prevention of pollution; sustainable use of resources; green procurement and supply chain; management of environmental footprint; and protection of the environment and biodiversity.

This award reaffirms Aramex’s commitment to protecting the environment and addressing climate change risks. Its corporate activism platform, Delivering Good, promotes sustainability best-practices and focuses on three key themes of Education and Youth Empowerment; Entrepreneurship; and Climate Change and Environment.

Aramex continuously invests in new ways and adopts environmentally-friendly technologies to reduce its resource consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions. In 2011, the company published its first carbon footprint report as part of its ongoing efforts to benchmark its performance, reduce its carbon footprint, and find innovative ways to adopt more environmentally friendly policies.

In 2016, Aramex succeeded in reducing its emissions by 24%, and it is now committed to an additional 20% reduction by 2020 from its own operations. In line with its plans to upgrade its facilities to solar power, Aramex has completed its rooftop solar power farm project on its warehouse and offices in Amman, Jordan. The company has recently obtained the license to commence a similar project across Dubai, UAE. Aramex also has plans to upgrade its fleet to electric and Low Emissions Vehicles (LEV) in the near future.