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Press release News vom 29.05.2017 Ranked Amongst “Sitefinity Top 5 Websites” for the First Quarter 2017
The newly launched “” has been recently ranked amongst Sitefinity’s “Top 5 Websites of the Quarter” for its layout, design, interface and overall functionality.

The Sitefinity Website of the Quarter Awards recognizes outstanding corporate websites for their excellence in user experience and innovation in applying technical features and capabilities. Criteria for the awards include the site’s overall visual design, content, layout, navigation and innovative use of technology.

Launched in January 2017, the redesigned Aramex website features a more streamlined and modular homepage and is designed with the most innovative tools, so that you can enjoy the best user experience. The website is responsive and automatically adapt the website display across all digital touch points.

The site now also features improved navigation, an easy-to-use shipment tracking process, and an entirely revamped Investor Relations section, which was built in line with international best practice.