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DGAP-UK-Regulatory News vom 05.01.2018

Hellenic Capital plc: Increase in Issued Ordinary Share Capital; Directors' Dealings in Shares; Changes in Notifiable Interests

Hellenic Capital plc (HECP)

05-Jan-2018 / 07:00 GMT/BST
Dissemination of a Regulatory Announcement, transmitted by EQS Group.
The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement.

Hellenic Capital plc
(the "Company" or "Hellenic")
Increase in Issued Ordinary Share Capital; Directors' Dealings in Shares; Changes in Notifiable Interests
Share Allotments and Connected Matters
Pursuant to the Placing and Open Offer announced on 8th November 2017 and the announcement of 4th December 2017 concerning the same, the Company wishes to inform the market that it today resolved to allot a further 35,800,000 ordinary shares of 0.1 pence (£0.001) each ("Shares") in the capital of the Company ("New Shares").
The issued share capital of the Company shall accordingly increase to 97,989,500 Shares from 62,189,500 Shares and the total number of New Shares issued and to be issued under the Placing and Open Offer is 36,100,000. 36,100,000 warrants to subscribe for a like number of Shares on the terms and conditions summarised in a Circular dated 7th November 2017 ("Warrants") have been or shortly shall be allotted and issued to Subscribers under the Placing and Open Offer pro rata to the subscriptions received and accepted by the Company.
The Warrants will be illiquid. No application is intended to be made to admit the Warrants to NEX Exchange Growth Market or another multilateral trading facility. The value (if any) attributable to the Warrants may therefore be reasonably determined solely by reference to the positive difference (if any) from time to time between the price at which the Warrants are exercisable and the price at which Hellenic's Shares can be traded on NEX Exchange.
Directors' Interests in Voting Rights
Following the allotments of the 35,800,000 New Shares referred to above, the interests of certain Directors of Hellenic in the enlarged share capital shall be as follows:
Name of Director/Holder Voting Rights Now Held Voting Rights (%) Former Holding Former Voting Rights (%)
Graham S. Jones 800,000 0.82 Nil N/A
Mark Jackson (indirectly, through HSBC Global Custody Nominees (UK) Limited 24,620,000 25.13 18,620,000 29.94
Alpha Corporate Services Ltd.* (through WB Nominees Limited) 27,000,000 27.55 Nil N/A
Aggregate Directors' Interests 52,420,000 53.50 18,620,000 29.94
* Alpha Corporate Services Ltd. belongs to a trust advised by Simon Grant-Rennick, a Director of Hellenic.
Other Notifiable Interests in Voting Rights

In addition to the interests set out immediately above, the Directors are aware of the following shareholders with interests of three percent (3%) or greater in the increased number of voting rights outstanding: 
Name of Shareholder Voting Rights Now Held Voting Rights (%) Former Voting Rights (%)
Pershing Nominees Limited 9,772,975 9.97 15.71%
Beaufort Nominees Limited 9,053,442 9.24 14.56%
Charalabos Zafeiropoulos 4,000,000 4.08 6.43%
Philippos Adamidis 3,800,000 3.88 6.11%
Michail Papavasileiou 3,663,450 3.74 5.89%
Ioannis Lampadiaris 3,000,000 3.06 4.82%

Dimitrios Vlachos shall no longer hold a notifiable interest in the capital of the Company as enlarged by the share allotments above-described (formerly 3.37%).
Mark Jackson, MBA, FCA
Hellenic Capital plc
Kingston-upon-Hull, 4th January 2018
The foregoing announcement has been issued after due and careful enquiry and the Directors of Hellenic accept responsibility for its content.
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