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The Establishment of Block Watch Develop a New Standard of Blockchain Financial Information Services

EQS-News / 08/02/2018 / 21:00 UTC+8

The Establishment of Block Watch
Develop a New Standard of Blockchain Financial Information Services

Being as the talk of the town in the entire world, the application of blockchain technology is rapidly developing and promoting social development. Along with an increasing number of companies engaging in this rapidly-growing industry, the industry risk has been pushed up. A series of intensifying problems of the industry are exposed and to be solved, including the varying quality of companies and products, instability of information source of the users, as well as tumble of the price of digital currency. Block Watch is believed to be the key for solving the exposed problems and to take the lead in the expanding blockchain industry.

In the era of information explosion, blockchain has become the most popular searching keywords on all the media platforms. However, lack of credible channel can be found to provide professional, trustworthy and specific information about blockchain for both the professionals and amateurs who are interested in blockchain technology. In the foreseeable future, Block Watch is going to be the next leading information seeking and consulting platform of blockchain-related financial information both at home and abroad. To catch up with some traditional media outlets, such as CNN and Bloomberg, it will provide more accurate information for financial practitioners and decision makers working in the industry through strong professional advisor and information network.

The progress of the newly-established blockchain industry is being bounded by incomprehensive understanding of traditional analysts towards the industry and limited communication channel for the experienced financial practitioners. They are confining both the exchange of idea among professionals and the way of public receiving valuable information. In response to the current constraints, Block Watch is going to create a community platform for the users while establishing the blockchain information platform, which allows people to make comments on hot issues and companies related to the blockchain industry. It will develop into a professional community of blockchain. Similar with some of the exiting professional financial communities, for instance, Seeking Alpha and Xueqiu (雪球), the community platform services as an idea exchange platform for professionals and a new learning channel for the general public.

Mr. Liu Huaiyu, co-founder of Block Watch, and senior financial and investment management expert said, "Recently, the blockchain-based digital currency such as Bitcoin, its price has fallen sharply and the phenomenon of air coin are derived from investors' incomplete information and lack of industry products' knowledge. Asymmetric information not only causes investors to suffer losses, but also causes digital currency's credit to be questioned, which will hinder the development of the industry." Based on the above ideas, Block Watch will strive for helping the industry embarking on a healthy development path. By providing professional credit rating services for enterprises, products, tokens, as well as provide more transparent investment and reference standards for industry participants. Block Watch is committed to develop an international blockchain credit rating agency that is comparable to S&P, Fitch and Moody's.

Following the business path set out by Dr. Zhang Lijun, Founder of Block Watch, Chairman of the Board of V1 Group, and former Chairman of the Board of China Mobile Games and Entertainment Group, "Block Watch sets information platform, providing one-stop access to blockchain participants, and offering communication venue to the industry and consulting channels to amateurs through communities. Meanwhile, the information platform also provides a more transparent credit channel through rating business, and will strive to be at the forefront of the blockchain industry in China and the rest of the world."


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Document title: The Establishment of Block Watch Develop a New Standard of Blockchain Financial Information Services

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