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Press release News vom 27.02.2018

KPN offers long-term certainty for fixed network access

KPN announces that it has submitted a proposal to ACM to safeguard long-term access for service providers to its fixed network via a commitment to and under supervision of ACM. This makes any further remedies through ex ante regulation by ACM unnecessary and in KPN's view disproportionate. KPN takes this initiative to prevent ACM from introducing new regulation which will create uncertainty in the market, affecting investments and innovation, against the interest of consumers.

Today, ACM published its draft market analysis decision on the regulation of unbundled local access, which is a key building block to deliver services to the retail broadband market. The regulatory period applies until 2021. KPN has an open access network policy and continues to argue that further deregulation is appropriate. The Dutch market is very competitive given the many providers of fixed and mobile services.

COO of KPN Joost Farwerck: "Nobody benefits from long-term uncertainty and The Netherlands can't afford a brake on investment in its digital infrastructure. KPN offers a solution with long-term certainty for all parties."

KPN's proposal builds on the voluntary wholesale agreements with service providers already in place since 2015, which offer access to KPN's FttC/VDSL network based on Virtual Unbundled Local Access (VULA). KPN has extended its VULA offer to its FttH network as well. The commitment will be for a period of seven years, substantially longer than the proposed framework by ACM.

Apart from the proposed commitment, KPN will continue to offer Wholesale Broadband Access (WBA) on a commercial basis as already supplied to approximately fifty service providers.

KPN will submit its view on ACM's proposal in more detail during the consultation process.