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DGAP-UK-Regulatory News vom 24.05.2018

VTB announces the results of its Annual General Meeting


24-May-2018 / 08:47 CET/CEST
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Press release


24 May 2018


VTB announces the results of its Annual General Meeting

VTB Bank hereby announces the results of its Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM), held in St Petersburg on 23 May 2018. Shareholders have approved VTB Bank's Annual Report and the Annual Financial Statements for 2017 and the following profit allocations for 2017:

* Net profit, total RUB 101,268,176,223.47;

* Allocations to the Reserve Fund RUB 5,063,408,811.17;

* Dividend allocation on registered ordinary shares RUB 44,759,117,915.11;

* Dividend allocation on preferred Type 1 registered shares RUB 11,804,188,555.41;

* Dividend allocation on preferred Type 2 registered shares RUB 16,952,578,170.61;

* Undistributed net profit RUB 22,688,882,771.17.

The shareholders have approved the following dividends for 2017:

* RUB 0.00345 per ordinary registered share with a nominal value of RUB 0.01

 * RUB 0.00055 per one preferred Type 1 share with a nominal value of RUB 0.01, and

* RUB 0.00552 per one preferred Type 2 share with a nominal value of RUB 0.1.

The AGM determined the following dividend payment procedure for 2017:

Dividends for 2017 will be paid in monetary form, with the amount per shareholder calculated to one kopeck and subject to rounding.

Dividends will be paid within the following timeframes and will be based on the record date:

* within 10 (ten) working days: to nominal holders and beneficial owners on the basis of the shareholder register who are professional securities market participants;

* within 25 (twenty-five) working days: to other registered shareholders.

The record date is 4 June 2018. Dividends will be transferred to shareholders' bank accounts or sent by mail.

The AGM has elected 11 members to VTB Bank's Supervisory Council:

*          Matthias Arthur Warnig

*          Yves-Thibault de Silguy (independent member)

*          Sergey Dubinin

  • Mikhail Zadornov

*          Andrey Kostin

*          Shahmar Movsumov (Independent member);

*          Igor Repin (Independent member)

*          Anton Siluanov

*          Aleksandr Sokolov

*          Vladimir Chistukhin

  • Mukhadin Eskindarov



The shareholders have approved the VTB Bank Statutory Audit Committee comprised of six members.

Ernst & Young has been approved as VTB Bank Auditor for the mandatory annual audit of VTB Bank for 2018.

Shareholders have approved the new wording of the Regulation on Preparing, Convening and Holding JSC VTB Bank General Shareholders Meetings, and decided to terminate the bank's participation in the Association of Russian Banks.

The results of voting at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders will be published within the timeframe established by law on the bank's website



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