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EQS-News News vom 06.01.2020

Goldpac is Continuing to Promote the Convenience Service Model Innovation and Upgrading of Social Security Card

EQS-News / 06/01/2020 / 18:02 UTC+8

Recently, Goldpac's smart self-service kiosks integrated with leading solutions, high-quality products and professional services, have been shortlisted in multiple instant social security card issuing projects in Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Yunfu, Dongguan, Heyuan, Maoming, Jiangmen and other places of Guangdong Province after strict and deliberate assessment. These smart self-service kiosks & solutions will be provided to various customers, including Agricultural Bank, CCB, ICBC, Guangfa Bank, and local Rural commercial banks. The adaptation of smart self-service kiosks in multiple application scenarios indicates a robust trend of development. The  shortlisting also shows that Goldpac's technical capability and service level are further recognized by social security and banking institutions, which promotes the innovation and upgrading of convenience service of social security card in the Guangdong Province.

In order to further promote China's  "streamlining administration, delegating power, improving regulation and services" reform, and to enhance the social security card service capacity, Foshan Social Security Bureau, Heyuan Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, China Agricultural Bank Shunde Branch, Heyuan Rural Commercial Bank and other social security and banking institutions in Guangdong Province are in the forefront of the country to make full use of the financial technology, optimize the social security process, and effectively enhance the ability of social security services. As the world's leading expert in smart financial service solution, Goldpac has fully integrated artificial intelligence, biometric authentication, cloud computing and other emerging technology, to empower the card issuing scenario with technical innovation. Goldpac has launched a series of smart self-service kiosk solutions to facilitate  the implementation of "One-pass" government services.

Two types of kiosks will be deployed in the projects. Goldpac's self-service photo kiosk is designed to enable the public to take photos of themselves according to voice prompts, by scanning the second generation ID card, essential personal information can be read and filled in the application form directly and automatically. Whereas Goldpac's instant card issuing kiosk is intelligently designed to streamline card issuance and user experience. Through selection of just several functional keys, such as face authentication, authorization confirmation and other simple steps, one can successfully get the card in 5 minutes, compare to 2-3 months using conventional card issuance protocol. Goldpac's smart self-service kiosk & intelligent application solution not only helps to achieve instant application of social security card, instant card issuing, activation and usage, but to also reduce card printing pressure of the social security institutions or bank staffs. These kiosks greatly improve the efficiency of processing social security application and facilitate social security institutions to truly attain close-range convenience services.
In the future, Goldpac will continue to consolidate its core advantages in the field of intelligent government affairs, strengthen technological innovation and product optimization, open up the national government affairs market, continue to create more high-quality products and services, and promote the further development and upgrading of intelligent cities in China.

Document title: Goldpac is Continuing to Promote the Convenience Service Model Innovation and Upgrading of Social Security Card

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