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Bellevue Asset Management AG: Management Team for Bellevue's BB Global Macro fund expanded

EQS Group-News: Bellevue Asset Management AG / Key word(s): Personnel
09.01.2020 / 14:00

Media release of January 9, 2020

Management Team for Bellevue's BB Global Macro fund expanded

Bellevue Asset Management ("Bellevue") has recruited Alexis Dawance, a highly experienced equity specialist, as it continues to expand the Portfolio Management Team for its BB Global Macro fund.

The Management Team for the BB Global Macro fund, an absolute return strategy, is being further expanded with the recruitment of Alexis Dawance. Thanks to its excellent track record over the years, the fund's volume has steadily increased and now amounts to CHF 800 mn. The recruitment of Alexis Dawance will strengthen the team's expertise, particularly in equities.

Alexis Dawance previously worked as Head of Equities at MFM Mirante Fund Management, an independent asset manager in Lausanne, and was responsible, among other things, for a long/short equity fund. Prior to MFM, he was a founding partner of Global-Cap AG, an investment boutique, where he managed a global thematic equity strategy. His earlier career history includes positions at Merrill Lynch and Lehman Brothers. Alexis Dawance studied finance and management at the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Lausanne (HEC).

Lucio Soso has been the Senior Manager of the BB Global Macro fund ever since it was launched. He is supported on the fixed income side by Alexandrine Jaecklin and by Markus Peter for matters pertaining to asset allocation and product strategy. The fund delivered a full-year performance of 7.0% in 2019, which is at the upper end of its targeted performance range, with a realized volatility of a low 2.9%, which corresponds to a Sharpe ratio of 2.5.

Lucio Soso about the new team member: "We are pleased to have an equity investment specialist with such an impressive track record as Alexis Dawance join our team. With his expertise in long/short equity investing, he will truly strengthen our capabilities."

Alexis Dawance: "I'm very impressed by team's commitment to excellence and look forward to contributing to the fund's ongoing success. The fund covers a very broad investment universe, and I am excited to focus on equity asset class."

For further information:

Bellevue Asset Management AG, Seestrasse 16 / P.O. Box, CH-8700 Küsnacht/Zurich
Tanja Chicherio, Tel. +41 44 267 67 09, [email protected]

Bellevue Asset Management

Bellevue Asset Management and its sister company StarCapital based in Oberursel outside Frankfurt, Germany are part of Bellevue Group, an independent Swiss financial group registered in Zurich and listed on the Swiss Exchange SIX. Bellevue was established in 1993 and has since become a leading investment boutique with a focus on healthcare, regional strategies, multi-asset solutions and global equity and bond funds. Assets under management amount to CHF 11.7 billion.

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