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The CCl Exchange Has Become a Bellwether for the Issuance of New Currency at Home and Abroad

EQS-News / 05/06/2020 / 17:23 UTC+8

Singapore / June 05, 2020 The CCl Digital Currency Trading Platform, CCI Exchange, which is headquartered in Singapore, is a global digital currency trading service provider. The platform is committed to creating the most secure, stable and efficient digital currency trading platform for users all around the world, with a strong technical and operational  team. The CCI Exchange adopts bank-level SSL security protocol, enterprise-level cold wallet  technology and security-level trading system to guarantee the security of users' funds comprehensively. It is committed to building a super "traffic empire" continuously in the whole industry, which is the first choice for the "global ipo" of block chain project.

Based on the characteristics of digital currency, the direct benefits of digital currency to the central bank are not only to save the issuance, circulation and settlement costs of paper currency, but also to enhance the central bank's control over funds. Electronic money and virtual money are collectively referred to as digital money. According to the definition of the European Central Bank, virtual money is issued by non-central banks, credit institutions, and electronic monetary institutions, and it can be used as a numerical representation of the value of monetary substitutes in some cases.

In the future, digital currency will become the currency owned by everyone, so the transaction and purchase of digital currency should also become the focus of people's attention. When conducting digital currency transactions and purchases, we should choose high-quality platforms, so as to effectively avoid many risks. CCI assets digital platform is a global digital currency trading service provider, which has a very strong technical team and operation team, it adopts bank-level SSL security protocol, enterprise-level cold wallet technology and security-level trading system, it can not only build a safest and the most stable and  efficient digital currency trading platform for the users, but also to ensure the security of every users' funds on all sides.

In the CCl Asset Digital platform, any institution or individual with assets can issue their own digital assets and conduct intelligent contract development, so that the trusted assets can be freely exchanged and circulated in the intelligent contract network. In addition, the CCI asset digital platform will help to achieve the Security Token Offering  of  entity assets intrinsic value of those traditional smes, including all kinds of assets, stock, real estate, equity and service, which is called STO, to realize the asset registration and publicity, which is conducive to digital asset tracking and query, and can also reduce the problem of asset disputes effectively.

In order to promote the development of the ecosystem of encrypted digital economy, the CCl Ecology will focus on building the assets digital platform of CCI, and provide a one-stop ecological construction solution for the major project parties. The CCI will return to the landing of commerce, using the STO as the connecting medium, will integrate the STO  exchange, platform function, industrial features, users community, and form  the use of a new industry circle of the STO. At the same time, both community and governance are operating on the block chain with the common logic .


CCI Asset Digitized platform issues CRT license based on Libra technology, will be used as the value digital currency of CCI, asset digitized platform and will be used to purchase, pay and exchange the license issued by entity enterprises on CCI asset digitized platform.

CRI is also the equity currency of CCI asset digital platform, which will appreciate with the increase of value of CCl asset digital platform.

CCI assets digital platform also has strong partners, such as the well known domestic network Huobi network, Binance network, CoinW, etc. We have technology, team, talents and strong partners to help every user to enjoy a secure and high-quality digital currency transaction service.

The current development schedule of CCI firstly, is to complete the requirement survey for the combination of CCI Exchange ecological products and block chain in 2020 Q1. And in 2020 Q2, we have three projects,

1.To release the first white paper.

2.Launch the exchange.

 3. Opened the public subscription of CFA, CST, CCP and CESC, and officially issue and launch the exchange.

File: The CCl Exchange Has Become a Bellwether for the Issuance of New Currency at Home and Abroad

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