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How do mobile Internet companies protect the brands and user experience?

EQS-News / 14/09/2020 / 03:27 EST/EDT

How do mobile Internet companies protect the brands and user experience


On September 2, the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India made another announcement to continue to suppress Chinese enterprises to ban more 118 Chinese mobile apps; APUS Launcher, APUS Security and CUT CUT totally seven apps under APUS were banned to use. Earlier on June 29, the Government has announced a ban to 59 Chinese apps and banned another 47 Chinese apps a month later. Coupled with this time, the Indian government has so far banned 224 Chinese apps in the country.

In order to protect the interests of Indian netizens, APUS announced a few days ago that the company will take the protection of user privacy and data seriously. APUS will also actively communicate with the Indian regulatory authorities to ensure the continuous service of its products and minimize the loss of users. Meanwhile, APUS published "A Letter to Indian Users", expressing the regret and frustration felt.

In the letter, APUS briefly described the company's positioning and strategy in Indian market, and expressed its deep apology to Indian users for the inconvenience caused by the product ban. At the same time, APUS also stressed that the company will strictly abide by the data and privacy protection laws of various countries in the world, and take full and effective protection measures for user data information, so as to fully realize the security protection of cross-border data transmission.

APUS has been cultivating deeply in the Indian market for five years and has a profound understanding of the Indian market. At present, with the rapid development of mobile Internet technology in India, the mobile Internet economy is also rising, and the number of mobile Internet users is growing drastically. Nonetheless, in spite of the great number of users in India, not too much substantial contribution was made to business. To put it plainly, its contribution rate of business return is rather low.

Viewing worldwide, the total number of users of APUS systems and product clusters exceeds 1.4 billion across the globe, covering more than 200 countries and regions, of which 69% of users are distributed in the 65 countries along the Belt and Road.

"We have a relatively better control of the loss of Indian, less than 5%," said Li Tao, the founder and CEO of APUS, when speaking about the Indian market. "Because the company has had little revenue in India." At the same time, Li Tao also stressed, "A time will come to ride the wind and cleave the waves to cross the sea. This theme expresses the determination of APUS as the pilot going global of China's Internet industry. We will keep our original aspiration in mind, and will continue to move unswervingly in the direction of going global and globalization."

According to Li Tao, in expanding the overseas market, APUS will not only respect the local conditions and customs, laws and regulations of various countries, but also will integrate into the local geo-culture. "The company needs deploy global companies and global teams, creates product strategies and market strategies that are more in line with the local actual situation, so as to quickly form a state of self-development and better adapt to the geographical differences of various countries. In addition, APUS should build a more secure, stable and efficient Internet ecology in the local market on the basis of leading products, technologies and business models, so as to meet the needs of global users for Internet access in a one-stop manner."


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