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Press release News vom 15.05.2020

YXLON launches UX20 standard system for more efficient casting inspection

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Flamatt, May 15, 2020

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YXLON launches UX20 standard system for more efficient casting inspection


The transformation to electric mobility is in full swing. Lighter and more complex components are required that support alternative drives and meet the highest safety requirements. More efficient processes and high throughput are crucial for foundries that currently have to cope with the elimination of traditional castings. With the UX20, Comet subsidiary Yxlon now offers a completely new standard system that provides for more efficient inspection than conventional X-ray systems thanks to more intuitive operation and numerous defaults. Thanks to its modular design, UX20 can be tailored precisely to customer requirements, in line with the strategic orientation of the X-ray system business toward modular standard systems.


With the UX20, the Comet subsidiary Yxlon is launching its first standard system from the UX family that is specially designed for production requirements. 


UX20 is an impressive system both in and alongside the production line of foundries in the automotive and aerospace industries, which Yxlon serves in addition to the semiconductor and electronics market. The compact system is easy and intuitive to operate even without X-ray expertise, thanks to its self-explanatory menu navigation, material-specific defaults and automatic generation of test reports. The ability to switch seamlessly between radioscopy and computed tomography ensures a high degree of flexibility and reliable testing.


With the launch of the UX20, Yxlon is making itself fit for the future potential post-Corona and at the same time implementing a central element of its key strategy, with the focus on modular, standardized systems and digital services. This enables synergy effects and accelerates the development of new offers, as existing modules of the software and hardware platform can be used. The YXLON Geminy system software, which was awarded the German Innovation Award 2018, is the key to this as it combines all the functions required.


“With the modular system, we are meeting the needs of our customers to adapt quickly and efficiently to new challenges in a rapidly changing world,” says Thomas Wenzel, President X-Ray Systems. “At the same time, with the UX20 we are implementing our strategy of standardization: Once developed, functionalities are available for all systems on the Geminy software platform. This helps us to bring new solutions for our customers to the market faster and more efficiently, and to address new requirements more quickly. The feedback from our customers is very positive.”


Product videos featuring the innovations of the new system are available at The launch of UX20 was accompanied by an extraordinary online campaign.



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