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Further investment in digitalisation and stake in Neho

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Zurich, 26 February 2018


Further investment in digitalisation and stake in Neho


Investis is pressing ahead with its digital transformation and has taken a 28.6% equity stake in Neho, a start-up company based at the EPFL (Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne). Through its minority stake in Polytech Ventures Holding SA, Investis was already indirectly invested in the company. It was persuaded by Neho’s impressive business model to make a direct investment as well, and it is now the beneficial owner of around 44% of this company. Agreements between existing shareholders mean that this stake could, however, be reduced to below 37%. Neho is valued according to the equity method.


Neho is redefining the real estate brokerage business, offering property owners a modern, extremely cost-effective and attractive alternative to conventional brokerage. Its services are based on new digital technologies, but it still retains the benefits of professional, personal contact and the know-how of real estate experts. Neho offers everything that a conventional broker would, but simply does so more cost-effectively and efficiently than the traditional model. Commissions, for example, are not based on the sale price of the property, but are at a fixed price, 60% of which is only paid when the property is successfully sold. Further information from:


“Neho is a welcome alternative in an industry that despite digital transformation has remained highly conservative in recent years,” says Stéphane Bonvin, CEO of Investis. Investis continues to accelerate its digital transformation by investing in future-oriented start-up companies in the real estate sector. Achieving greater efficiency and quality through digitalisation is a key element in the Investis Group’s strategy.



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