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Press release News vom 10.10.2018

PSP Swiss Property begins clean-up work at Bahnhofplatz


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10 October 2018

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PSP Swiss Property begins clean-up work at Bahnhofplatz


Following the blaze on 25 August 2018, PSP Swiss Property will start the clean-up and shoring work on 15 October 2018. The façade will be retained and the buildings reconstructed.


PSP Swiss Property has developed a clean-up and reconstruction concept for the properties at Bahnhofplatz 1 and Bahnhofquai 9/11/15. The clean-up work will start on 15 October 2018, once the crane boom damaged by the blaze has been replaced. The work is expected to last until February 2019. PSP Swiss Property assumes that at least the valuable façade, which is protected as a historic monument, can be retained and intends to reconstruct the buildings in a manner that restores their previous appearances. In cooperation with the city’s department for the preservation of historical monuments, it will be determined which components within the buildings can possibly be retained.


Please refer to the press release issued by the Zurich police department on 31 August 2018 for information on the cause of the fire and closures.



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