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Press release News vom 31.08.2018

PSP Swiss Property sells “Bahnhofareal” project in Rheinfelden


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31 August 2018

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PSP Swiss Property sells “Bahnhofareal” project in Rheinfelden


Streamlining of the portfolio and focus on the core segment commercial real estate.


As per 1 September 2018, PSP Swiss Property executes the sale of the residential project under planning “Bahnhofareal” in Rheinfelden. For CHF 16.7 million, the buyer takes over the plot of land consisting of around 8’300 m2, including two existing buildings.


The sale reflects the streamlining of the portfolio, thus the focus of PSP Swiss Property on its core business segment office and commercial real estate. PSP Swiss Property owns and develops further projects. These projects are part of the organic growth.


A potential sale of this project was already announced and has been considered for the FY2018 forecast that was published recently. PSP Swiss Property still expects an ebitda (excluding changes in fair value) of CHF 240 million and a vacancy rate of below 6% at year-end 2018.




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