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Stuart Strathdee to retire from the Board of Directors of Evolva

Stuart Strathdee to retire from the Board of Directors of Evolva


8 April 2019 – Evolva Holding SA (SIX: EVE) announced today that Stuart Strathdee has resigned from the Board of Directors. His resignation is effective April 8, 2019.


“Upon successful completion of Evolva`s transformation and having had the pleasure and privilege of working with the Evolva team, I announce my departure from the Evolva Board after several years of service. This allows me to dedicate more time to my other activities in the future,” said Mr. Strathdee. "I am highly supportive of Evolva’s growth strategy and believe that Evolva is poised to achieve its long-term goals. I will continue to follow the company`s positive progress with great interest as a shareholder and supporter.”


Oliver Walker, CEO of Evolva continued, “Stuart has been a strong and committed member of the Evolva Board and has also served on the Compensation as well as Audit Committee during his long and valued tenure.  I would like to personally thank him for his leadership and valuable support.”


“Stuart brought a lot of industry-specific gravitas to our Board and was therefore of great importance. In parallel he was also a recognized leader in compensation aspects,” said Evolva Chairman of the Board Gerard Hoetmer. "We are especially thankful to Stuart for having stayed with us during the period Evolva underwent transformational change.”


The Board of Directors will propose to the Annual General Meeting of 8 April 2019 that Mr. Martin Gertsch be elected to the Compensation Committee in place of Mr. Stuart Strathdee. The Board of Directors will not propose a replacement for Mr. Strathdee to the Annual General Meeting.


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Evolva solves the supply chain issues of nature through a 21st century mix of biotechnology and fermentation. We develop, make and sell ingredients that provide significant health, wellness and nutrition benefits to people in their daily life, but whose supply chain issues have limited their use until now. Our flagship ingredients are stevia, nootkatone and resveratrol. To make our world sustainable requires nature and technology to work together as one, and our aim is to play a (small) part in achieving this transformation. For more information see


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