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Press release News vom 04.06.2020

Shareholders approve all proposals of the Board of Directors

Shareholders approve all proposals of the Board of Directors


ORIOR AG held its 10th Annual General Meeting as a listed company in Zurich today, without the physical presence of its shareholders in accordance with Art. 6b of the COVID-19 Ordinance 2.


A total of 3,916,248 voting rights were represented, which corresponds to 60.09 % of the share capital consisting of 6,517,499 issued shares. Representation through the independent proxy designated by the company was the only means of participation for voting shareholders.


All of the Board of Directors’ proposals were passed by the Annual General Meeting. The annual report, the annual accounts and the consolidated financial statements for 2019 were approved. The dividend proposal was also approved and the members of the Board of Directors as well as its Chairman were re-elected. At the subsequent constitutive meeting of the Board of Directors, the Board of Directors appointed Markus R. Neuhaus Vice Chairman; Monika Walser was appointed Chair of the Nomination and Compensation Committee.


Ernst & Young AG, Basel, was confirmed as auditor for the 2020 financial year and attorney-at-law René Schwarzenbach, Proxy Voting Services GmbH, was re-elected to serve as independent proxy until the conclusion of the next Annual General Meeting in 2021. Moreover, all proposals regarding compensation of the members of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee as well as the renewal of the authorized capital with simultaneous reduction were approved.