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Ad hoc news News vom 22.05.2018

Shareholders’ Meeting approves all agenda items
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Shareholders’ Meeting approves all agenda items


The shareholders of Burkhalter Holding Ltd adopted all the motions proposed by the Board of Directors at the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting held today. As well as the dividend of CHF 5.00 per share gross, which is set to be paid out on 28 May 2018, they also approved the election of Michèle Novak-Moser to the Board of Directors.


Zurich, 22 May 2018


The Board of Directors of Burkhalter Holding Ltd presented the figures for the 2017 financial year to the 344 shareholders entitled to vote (equating to 3,578,294 registered shares or 59.66% of the issued share capital) who attended today’s Annual Shareholders’ Meeting in Zurich. By a clear majority, the shareholders approved the distribution of a dividend of CHF 5.00 per share and the creation of authorised capital of a maximum of 350,000 registered shares as well as all other motions put forward by the Board of Directors.


This means that the vacant seat on the Board of Directors of the Burkhalter Group is now to be filled by Michèle Novak-Moser, a Swiss citizen who has held various roles at the Caviar House Group, Geneva, since 1993. She took up her current position of Special Projects Manager for Caviar House & Prunier Group SA in 2004. Ms Novak-Moser was educated at the Collège Calvin in Geneva and obtained a degree in hotel and tourism management from the Glion Institute of Higher Education. She was awarded an Executive MBA from the University of Lausanne in 2016. A native of French-speaking Switzerland, she will represent the Burkhalter Group’s companies and employees from this part of the country on the Board of Directors.

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