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Baloise launches new insurance solution for vehicle fleets

EQS Group-News: Baloise Holding AG / Key word(s): Product Launch
03.06.2021 / 14:00

Basel, 3 June 2021. Baloise is bringing an innovative new insurance product for corporate customers to the market. On top of the essential elements, i.e. motor vehicle liability insurance, comprehensive insurance and passenger accident insurance, 'BaloiseFleet Motor Vehicle' offers companies a wide range of elective options for enhanced protection for their company vehicles. Add-ons that are currently unique in the market include insurance cover based on the replacement value and the option to insure not only lights but also assistance systems and the vehicle interior against damage.

Baloise's motor vehicle fleet insurance enables companies to insure their entire vehicle fleet at its replacement value. In the event of a total loss, the full purchase price will be paid up to the seventh year of operation of a vehicle. Innovative add-ons can be selected to complement the insurance cover. For example, businesses can include the lights and assistance systems of company vehicles in the policy cover. This encompasses damage to the headlights, rear lights, indicators, authorised beacon lights, wing mirrors and sensors that are part of assistance systems. 'Motor vehicle equipment is constantly evolving and the amount of electronic applications that vehicles are being fitted with is growing steadily. This means that damage and loss scenarios are changing too, and we need to reflect this in our insurance solutions in order to ensure that we continue to fully satisfy the needs of our customers. 'BaloiseFleet Motor Vehicle' is a modular product that can be used to insure an entire vehicle fleet in a manner that is tailored to individual needs and requires only one contract,' explains Giuseppe Nibali, Head Mobility Switzerland at Baloise.

Alongside the add-on cover for lights and assistance systems, customers can also choose to include the cost of replacement car keys and lock changes. The 'cross liability' add-on provides cover in the event of a collision involving multiple vehicles that belong to the same owner or are insured under the same contract. 

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