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DGAP-UK-Regulatory News vom 01.07.2021

JSC VTB Bank: VTB Bank announces results of the annual General Meeting of Shareholders

01-Jul-2021 / 16:03 CET/CEST
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VTB Bank announces results of the annual General Meeting of Shareholders

VTB Bank held its annual General Meeting of Shareholders (the AGM) following the results of 2020. In accordance with the recommendations of the Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing, and the decision of the Supervisory Council, it was held in the form of absentee voting. In total, from June 8 to June 30, 2,318 VTB Bank's shareholders took part in absentee voting, of which more than 95% voted electronically via VTB Shareholder mobile application or on VTB Registrar website.

The shareholders took part in voting on 16 issues of the AGM's agenda. The Bank's Annual Report for 2020 and the Annual Financial Statements for 2020 were approved by the shareholders.


In addition, they have approved the payout of dividends in the amount of RUB 32.74 billion. The distribution of dividend payments was carried out in the following proportion: ordinary shares - RUB 18.15 billion, Type 1 preference shares - RUB 5.99 billion, Type 2 preference shares - RUB 8.60 billion. The dividends will be paid from both the 2020 profit and the retained profit of previous years.


The date for determining the list of persons eligible for dividend payments is July 15, 2021.


Dividends will be paid within the following timeframes from the date on which the persons eligible to receive dividends are determined:


  • within 10 (ten) working days - to nominal holders and beneficial owners on the basis of the Shareholder Register who are professional securities market participants;
  • within 25 (twenty five) working days - to other registered shareholders.


A new version of the Regulation on Remuneration and Compensation Paid to Members of VTB Bank Supervisory Council has been approved by the AGM in accordance with which the amount of remuneration for 2020 was calculated.


Also, a decision has been made to pay the remuneration to VTB Bank Statutory Audit Commission members who are not government employees.


The meeting elected the following 11 members of the Supervisory Council of VTB Bank:


  1. Tatyana Bakalchuk (as an independent member of the Supervisory Council);
  2. Matthias Warnig;
  3. Dmitriy Grigorenko;
  4. Yves Thibault De Silguy (as an independent member of the Supervisory Council);
  5. Andrey Kostin;
  6. Israfil Mammadov (as an independent member of the Supervisory Council);
  7. Alexey Moiseev;
  8. Mikhail Motorin;
  9. Igor Repin (as an independent member of the Supervisory Council);
  10. Maxim Reshetnikov;
  11. Valeriy Sidorenko.


Ernst & Young LLC has been approved as VTB Bank's Auditor for the annual mandatory audit of VTB Bank for 2021.


In addition, the shareholders approved amendments to the Charter of VTB Bank, a new version of the Regulation on the Management Board of VTB Bank.


The report on the voting results will be published on the VTB website in the section dedicated to the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders within the time period established by law.

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