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Dynamic Capital Group Announces the Newest Evolution of Issuance Platforms - DMAP PCC Ltd.

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26.01.2022 / 10:10

Dynamic Capital Group Announces the Newest Evolution of Issuance Platforms - DMAP PCC Ltd.

The new platform will issue all types of Exchange-Traded Products

Zurich, Switzerland - Dynamic Capital Group is pleased to announce it has launched the latest of issuance platforms to date - DMAP PPC Ltd.

Dynamic Capital Group LTD (DCG) is an expert in comprehensive financial services throughout Switzerland, Europe, and the Middle East. With extensive experience in cross-border assets, investment advice, and asset planning and optimization, DCG easily differentiates itself from existing providers.

Nowadays, financial markets need digital assets, and clients need a transparent and easy way to invest into this growing asset class. This is the main reason why DCG's team of product managers and bankers in Zurich, one of the world's leading financial cities, built the simplest and most transparent way to participate in this financial evolution. DMAP has most of the top tier partners compared to other issuers of ETPs around the world and is regulated to issue actively and passively managed ETPs.

"Dynamic Multi Asset Platform / DMAP (Guernsey) will issue all types of Exchange-Traded Products (ETPs)," says a spokesperson for the company. "Exchange-Traded Products are a financial instrument traded on a stock exchange, like shares. ETPs provide a cost-efficient and secure way to gain diversification in an investment portfolio by gaining exposure to a benchmark or an asset class. They are investments with generally lower fees than active and index mutual funds, making ETPs a simple way for investors to gain exposure to a wide range of assets. ETPs also offer investors the ability to diversify their portfolio by providing exposure to assets previously difficult to access."

Key advantages of the company's platform are:

  • Actively and passively managed ETPs
  • Invest in Digital Assets through a regulated and fully transparent financial product
  • Gateway Fiat / Digital Money
  • Bankable assets as underlying (Shares, Bonds, Funds etc.)
  • Non-bankable assets as underlying (Commodities, Real Estate, Art, Oldtimers etc.)
  • Digital assets as underlying (Crypto, NFTs, Tokens, etc.)
  • List ETPs on the most reputable stock exchanges worldwide
  • Best-in-class custodians and market makers

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About DCG

Dynamic Capital Group LTD is a specialist in holistic financial services, particularly
in Switzerland, Europe, and the Middle East. While the company was founded in 1991, in 2019, DCG was completely taken over by new owners, who carried out a complete rebranding and integrated many features to differentiate it from competitors.

DCG's managing directors and shareholders are all Swiss, have gained experience in Switzerland and abroad during their studies and professional life, and have acquired a great deal of international and practical knowledge. They all come from leading Swiss Banks, Funds, and tech companies. The issuance of financial products is the company's bread and butter.

The company is headquartered in Zurich, but also has offices in Winterthur, Guernsey, Cyprus, and Dubai.

Contact Information

Dynamic Capital Group LTD
Löwenstrasse 20
CH-8001 Zürich
+41 44 512 06 80
[email protected]

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