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Asian Based Red Hare Analytics NFT Index Rises to World Class

Red Hare
Asian Based Red Hare Analytics NFT Index Rises to World Class
27-Sep-2022 / 16:45 CET/CEST

Asian Based Red Hare Analytics NFT Index Rises to World Class


Hong Kong | September 27, 2022 09:52 AM Eastern Daylight Time



In May 2022, Red Hare Analytics launched Asia’s first NFT index - RHNI. It is the world’s most popular index and is structured to provide investors with rule-based approaches that can help evaluate, predict, and invest, following the NFT market trends. The Red Hare team is announcing today, the 20th of September 2022, following the launch of their new website, that the NFT index is now recognized globally as the world’s most popular NFT index. This is due to its intuitive help in solving major investment problems in the NFT industry.

The new website made it easier for investors to monitor their NFTs. With Blog/News/PR, to keep users informed on Red Hare corporate info and NFT market info. And an NFT Calendar to keep them in the know of upcoming and big events of the NFT projects/market.

Tip: Make up your mind before visiting the Red Hare website, or you might get carried away by the nimiety of unique offerings.

Users are invited to roll up their sleeves and indulge in any Red Hare NFT Analytics offerings. The new website offers access to a comprehensive listing of Fear & Greed Index services, a directory of bluechip NFTs and their market stats, and Data for over 1000 NFT projects. There is also an inclusion of a Heatmap for Specific NFT Index so that users can gauge the performance of specific NFT projects at a glance.

To become the world's most popular NFT index, Red Hare partnered with BOAFG to run the NFT index on more financial institutions and platforms designated by BOAFG. As a result, red Hare tickers are now on the BOAFG website. They have since then recorded more website visitors, with August being over 200,000.

“What started as a little project in the heart of Asia has gone on to perform greatly and be recognized globally by NFT investors and enthusiasts as the world most popular NFT index,” said Anson Kwok, the CEO of Red Hare. “Red Hare NFT Index is the world’s most popular broad NFT index for tracking market prices and trading activities of top NFT projects ranked by market cap. It is calculated every second and rebalanced every month, where the index constituents are re-assessed and rebalanced accordingly. Due to its scalability, it will go on to become a must-have tool for investors, enthusiasts, and anybody with a thing or two to do in the NFT space.” To create an account and get started, visit Red Hare’s website. 

About Red Hare

Anson Kwok founded Red Hare Analytics in Hong Kong. The company focuses on developing a decentralized NFT big data ecosystem through proprietary financial and social data, including reliable benchmark NFT indexes to evaluate NFT market trends, a Web 3.0 NFT big data system managing multi-source data points, tech stack services, and incubator services for both NFT financial products and NFT projects. NFT index is an addition to Red Hare Analytics productivity suite. You are invited to learn more about Red Hare NFT index by visiting their website, 

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