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  01.05.2018 Genel Energy PLC Total Voting Rights
  01.05.2018 Custodian REIT Plc Custodian REIT plc : Total Voting Rights
  01.05.2018 SThree SThree: Voting Rights and Capital
  30.04.2018 Leclanché SA Leclanché SA: Leclanché will announce 2017 annual results on 4th May 2018
  30.04.2018 De Raj Group AG (AT) De Raj Group AG: Release of a Financial report
  30.04.2018 De Raj Group AG (AT) De Raj Group AG disclosed results of their successful first (stub period) financ...
  30.04.2018 REA Finance B.V. REA Finance B.V.: Annual accounts for 2017
  30.04.2018 Lyxor International Asset Mana... Lyxor International Asset Management: Liquidation of the class of D-USD units (I...
  30.04.2018 BUWOG AG BUWOG AG: Release according to Article 135, Section 1 BörseG with the objective ...
  30.04.2018 Triton Beratungsgesellschaft G... NOTIFICATION TO BONDHOLDERS Galapagos Holding S.A., Galapagos S.A.
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